Our Location

Skip the dorms and get closer to class

We're located across the street from the heart of University of Florida's Tigert Hall. Living at the Courtyards puts you at the center of everything: campus, midtown, downtown and Archer Road.

As a resident of The Courtyards you can wake up and walk within minutes to:

  • UF School of Business - across the street
  • Little Hall and Dining Express - 1 block
  • Fine Arts College - across the street
  • Norman Hall - 1 block
  • Turlington Plaza - 3 blocks
  • Sorority Row - 4 blocks
  • Broward Dining - 3 blocks
  • Library West - 6 blocks
  • Carleton Auditorium - 1 block
  • Marston Library - 3 blocks
  • Newell Hall - 4 blocks
  • The Hub - 4 blocks


Advantages of Living Off-Campus at The Courtyards

Because The Courtyards is located only a short walk from campus, you can appreciate the advantages of both on-campus and off-campus living — being close enough to fully participate in on-campus life but having your own escape to an off-campus community.

Living on-campus at first can seem like the most convenient option, but dorms can become somewhat suffocating. On-campus housing frequently has a variety of restrictions, such as bans on overnight guests and what you’re allowed to have in the dorm, which you may not agree with. However, when you choose to live in The Courtyards Gainesville apartments, you won’t have a Resident Adviser watching over you to make sure you are adhering to harsh rules. Dorms are also small in size and force you to share your intimate space with strangers. However, when you select off-campus housing, you can decide between a variety of spacious floorplans ranging from two bedrooms to five bedrooms. More space will also allow you to enjoy a full-sized kitchen and common areas for hosting friends.

College represents the transition period between living at home and starting your future career. Therefore, it is the perfect opportunity to begin learning valuable life lessons. When you choose off-campus student housing in Gainesville, you can practice paying your rent on time every month. At The Courtyards, students don’t have as many bills to track because cable, utilities and high-speed Internet are all included with rent.

One of the major disadvantages of living in a dorm is that the University of Florida is known for its limited parking. There is nothing worse than being forced to drive around campus because you are unable to find a spot. In order to avoid this inconvenience, you can select apartments for rent near UF campus, which offer their own parking services.

If you choose Gainesville apartments near UF, you’ll be living in an exciting area of the city filled predominantly with other students. Not only will you be able to quickly get to campus for group projects and social activities, but there are plenty of surrounding restaurants and shops that are frequented by other students. This environment helps to create opportunities for you to meet other students and potentially create lifelong friendships.

The Courtyards also offers amenities to promote a community atmosphere such as a grilling area, swimming pool and sundeck where you can interact with other residents. Come tour our property today to see why Gainesville students love to live at The Courtyards!